Mini Donkey Piñata Gift Box

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Looking for the perfect gift that's as adorable as it is delicious? Look no further than our Mini Piñata Donkey! This charming little donkey comes packed with an assortment of popular Mexican candies that are sure to delight anyone's taste buds. Whether you're looking for a fun and unique gift for a friend or loved one, or just want to treat yourself to something sweet, our Mini Piñata Donkey is the perfect choice. Plus, it comes in a cute box that's ready for gifting! Don't wait – grab yours today and let the fiesta begin!

This Gift Box Includes the candies from the picture, with a total of over 30+ pieces of Mexican Candy.


Pica Limon, Limon 7, Burbu Soda, Miguelito Chamoy, Mazapan, Bolitochas, Miguelito Powder, Revolcaditas, Ricos Besos, Canels, Pica Gomas, Watermelon Chili Gummy, Peloneta, Aciduladitos, Atomics, Obleas, Mamuts and More.

Pinata Dimensions:

7"x6"x1.5" (HxLxW)

Gift Box Dimension:

9 x 1/2 x 3/4"

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